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Harry Chapin Tribute

Home? For George, it's Brooklyn. He's a native; born, raised and residing in. Perhaps this is why his music has a sort of 'attitude'. A uniqueness that is reflected in the number of artist songwriters who have recorded them including, Tom Paxton, The Kingston Trio, David Wilcox, David Buskin, Bob Malone, Kevin Briody, David Ippolito, John MacNally, Hot Soup, Seamus Kennedy, Bill Gordh, and many others. His recent work with Paxton was featured on the 2009 Grammy nominated album, Comedians and Angels.

There is a kind of laid-back smart-aleckness where one has to sit back, slack-jawed with awe. It’s his tone that gives the listener the impression of George as a bemused watchful observer. The ever-astonishing comedy of human errors is his playground. Gentle, mocking humor, often directed at himself, is his palette.” - Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live Magazine